Switchover News

1 April 11

Viewers in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and parts of Norfolk and Essex have completed the first stage of the digital switchover. BBC 2 analogue ceased from the Sandy Heath transmitter near Bedford on 30 March, boosting Freeview coverage to reach more than 45,000 homes across the region for the first time.

Freeview viewers may find their BBC TV channels are missing as these services have moved to new frequencies. They should be restored by retuning Freeview TVs and boxes. The second and final stage of the Sandy switchover takes place on 13 April 2011, when the remaining analogue channels will be switched off permanently.

On this date, further Freeview channels from ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 will also become available from relay transmitters for the first time.

25 March 11

The East Midlands region will begin the switch to digital TV on Wednesday 30 March. As switchover begins at the Nottingham transmitter, with BBC2 analogue permanently turned off, changes will also be made at the Waltham transmitter serving much of the East Midlands, where switchover takes place later in August. Digital UK is advising Freeview, BT Vision and Top Up TV viewers to retune any time after 0600 on 30 March to regain access to channels that will have disappeared.

Around 880,000 households across the East Midlands are served by the Nottingham and Waltham transmitters, including areas such as Stamford, Leicester, Derby and Matlock. Waltham viewers will need to retune on 30 March and again on 13 April, 17 August, 31 August and 12 October 20